Our Mission

It is the purpose of the FBC Early Learning Center to minister to our church our community. While the children are in our care, we plan to provide for them, a nurturing, Christian-based atmosphere. The children will also be exposed to a developmentally appropriate curriculum and individualized care.


We will provide the children with a Christian-based curriculum, which includes Bible stories, scripture memorization, and the ability to relate Christian teachings to their lives.

We will use a Christian based program that will include a variety of academic activities. (This includes a following areas: skills development, phonics, numbers, writing, language, character, health, and safety).

We will help children learn to be responsible toward others and help them become part of a group.

We will help the children develop gross and fine motor skills through various enjoyable indoor and outdoor activities.

Contact Us

241 Brown Street
P.O. Box 217
Sulligent, AL 35586