-2 Year Old Preschool Teacher

-Nursery Teacher

We are glad that you are interested in becoming a teacher at the Early Learning Center.

Our General Requirements for Preschool Teacher are:

-Christian that agrees with the Baptist Faith and Message
-At Least 19 Years of Age to Be a Lead Teacher
-Experience Working with Preschool Children in Some Capacity (Daycare, Church, VBS, ETC.)
-Pass a Background Check Investigation
-Interest in and Capacity for Enjoying Children
-Capacity to Discern the Feelings and Needs of a Child, and to Deal with Them Sympathetically
-Dependability and Consistency
-Flexibility and Willingness to Learn
-Ability to Work as a Team
-Knowledge of Child Development
-Good Personal Hygiene
-Free of Contagious Diseases
-Drug and Alcohol Free

To apply for a job, please come by the church office from Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30 or call (205) 698-9610 for any questions.